Tiny Demos II

by anaideia's porch

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released November 5, 2012



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anaideia's porch Vista, California

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Track Name: Richmond
I saw you on the sidewalk smoking cigarettes seven months preganant
and I saw city buses and angry people rush around on ninth street
that night I sprinted home and swore I was alive
I've never felt so scared inside

oh cassidy, oh cassidy

I almost saw a city bus devour a child
those screeching tires changed my life

oh cassidy
Track Name: Morongo
I fell down and I'm still falling
you don't call, you don't call me
Track Name: 29
he lives in the desert with his dying mother
his father burned into a box next to his old dead dog
his one true royal son

five years since now
Track Name: Richmond II
every angry teenager with a pen wants to be bukowski
every sad twenty something year old with a bottle wants to be bukowski
to hell with you and all your friends

richmond smells just like a suicide
it hurts my my mouth and nose and burns my eyes
its trapped down inside
makes itself at home
where it can stay a while

I am swallowing my self-esteem
loneliness has finally caught up with me
in the trash I see
in the dirt I breathe
in the dirt between
the cracks of uneven brick-layed sidewalk
between me and my room
between my dick and dirty thoughts
between the letters v and c and u

guess I'll be seeing you

guess I'll be seeing you in empty cans and pizza boxes
in dormitory lobbies
in on your bed and on my couch
and in my head and in my sleep

every sad twenty-something year old with a bottle wants to be
Track Name: Home
I was there when the doctors call the time
I tried my hardest to cry when no one was looking
we were given these lives to grow and intertwine
I was given my eye to stay beneath the floorboard

company calls epilogue title track 4-0 I don't know if I am happy
no joy in mudville lowell massachusetts
oh we have the facts and we are voting yes
we are all voting yes
we are all voting yes